The Escrow gateway on Ethereum blockchain

The IITO will be available to purchase from April 2

Current result

Buy tokens Value
Stage 1
Bonus 20%

interface EscrowBlock {
   * @notice Function to confirm success
   * @return Success of operation
  function confirm() public returns(bool);

   * @notice Function to cancel escrow deal and confirm fail
   * @return Success of operation
  function cancel() public returns(bool);

   * @notice Function to get seller's address
   * @return Seller's address
  function seller() public returns(address);

   * @notice Function to get buyer's address
   * @return Buyer's address
  function buyer() public returns(address);

   * @notice Function to get arbitrage's address
   * @return Arbitrage's address
  function arbitrage() public returns(address);

contract EscrowBlockForRent is EscrowBlock {

   * ...

   * @notice Function to get arbitrage's address
   * @return Arbitrage's address
  function buyer() public returns(address) {
    return "0x6CCF57G5aBaF7356dC2b6d583efDCdBE603535c8";

   * ...

   * @notice Function to get arbitrage's address
   * @return Arbitrage's address
  function arbitrage() public returns(address) {
    return "0x7CEF52D5aBEF2356AC8b6d593efD9dBE601575E6";

New protocol for Escrow

The new protocol ESC9 will allow to anyone integrates the secure way of interaction between counterparties into any kind of business.

Promptly and securely

Any counterparties will be available to interact even they don't know and don't trust each other for any type of deals. Our system of arbitrage will cover all risk incidents.

Solid developers

Our team consists mostly of all from software developers with huge experience. International developer team will provide only best solutions for worldwide.

IITO (new type of ICO)

Our team offers to participate in the new type of ICO. Infinite initial token offer. You can observe our roadmap and invest only according to our success, not in advance. We don't promise success by empty words, we will reach it in any ways.


The service platform will allow this using a new standard of interaction between counterparties, just as it happened with the appearance of the ERC20 standard for tokens. This will enable the EscrowBlock platform to be integrated into other smart contracts based on Ethereum to support the Escrow service.


1. New protocol for Escrow Blockchain

Development of ESC9, specifications, and testing of the basic model in specific markets (up to $40,000).

2. Multi-signature arbitration wallets

Development of the hierarchy of multi-signature arbitration wallets, deployment of the entire functioning system on Ethereum Mainnet, preparation for launching its own Ethereum-like network block for an independent transaction environment ($100,000).

3. EscrowBlock system and interface

Development of the programming part of the EscrowBlock system and interface for the main software platforms ($200,000). The beginning of the offering of tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

4. Libraries for various programming languages

Development of libraries for various programming languages ​​and frameworks (up to $500,000).

5. System for working with deposits in different blockchain networks

Development of a system for working with deposits in different blockchain networks and payment gateways (up to $1,000,000).

6. System for the rental market

Development of a system for the rental market (analog Airbnb) (up to $4,000,000).

7. System for the freelance market

Development of a system for the freelance market (analog Upwork) (up to $6,000,000).

8. System for the market of cross-border cargo delivery

Development of a system for the market of cross-border cargo delivery (up to $8,000,000).

9. Risk Coverage Fund

Risk Coverage Fund ($10,000,000).


Get dividends from each escrow deal

The beneficiary buys ESCB tokens on the open market, thereby, becoming an investor allows you to profit from the fund. Each transaction with escrow service will cost some percents of such deal. EscrowBlock will make the profit from safe deals and distribute dividends among shareowners.

Investing in ESCB tokens

The beneficiary buys ESCB tokens on the initial stage of the IITO. Assuming the price of the tokens will increase, then they can be traded on the open market and any profits can be withdrawn.


The IITO will be available to purchase from April 2

EscrowBlock will conduct IITO (an infinite initial offering of tokens) which will protect the interests of investors. Typical ICOs offer bonuses depending on the timing of investment, which does not take into account the interests of investors in full. EscrowBlock will offer bonuses for participating at stages, based on its riskiness and importance. Investors can monitor the process and contribute additional funds after confirming the stage. The stage itself is determined only by the number of collected funds.

We accept Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, ETH, BTC, LTC and at least more 66 other сryptocurrencies.

Buy tokens


Name of share
66% Among users
30% Stored to receive dividends in EscrowBlock
4% Incentive campaign

Token summary


Token name:
Token sale start:
2nd April
Token sale ends:
after all supply will be sold
Token Sale First Price:
0.10 USD
Total Supply:
10 000 000 USD
Listing on exchanges:
after 3rd stage (200K$)


Minimum target:
1 stage for 1 year
Maximum cap:
Eqvivalent 10 000 000 USD in cryptocurrencies
Total Token supply:
100 000 000 ESCB
Total Token distributed:
64 000 000 ESCB
Token main sale price:
1 ETH = 10 000 ESCB
Accepted currencies:
more 70

Fair market

Ethereum ERC20 standard
Escrow of crypto funds:
Auto return in 1 year if 1 stage won't be reached
Cliff/Vested time for team:
3/6 months
Token distribution:
Sale flow:
Controlled by Multisig wallet
Smart contracts code:

Use of funds

Name of share
37% Marketing
3% Infrastructure
60% Development


Each stage of financing has fewer risks than the previous one, so bonus tokens decrease in proportion to the funding phase. At the first stage, the bonus is 20%, the next 9 stages will be set at 2% each stage.

Referral program

Any user who is signed up in wallet-app can share referral link and get 2% from purchasing of a referenced client. The referral program is included in the Smart contract and distributes tokens only if a purchasing is invoked from paymentAffiliate method with the referral address. This process is automated in wallet-app.

Business model of the project

From each deposit of escrow there will be a commision charged for the service. The size of the commission can be reviewed in each individual case, but in general it will be 1% of the amount deposited. All commissions are sent to the multi-signature wallet of the absolute authority, and from there it will be converted to a smart contract for the community-determined dates to pay proceeds, according to the proportions of the possession of the ESCB tokens. The EscrowBlock organization will receive dividends on general terms.


Konstantin Viktorov
Founder and leading developer of the technical aspects of the EscrowBlock project. More than 12 years in the field of information technology. Created from scratch or participated in projects for large companies such as Aeroflot, TELE2, Velcom, Upwork, Toptal, etc. He has experience in building from scratch high-load real-time systems, the experience of creating software in different programming languages for different spheres of human activity. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics of magnetic phenomena.
Public profiles
Kevin Holland
Founder and highly qualified investor in the markets of cryptocurrencies, real estate, and construction. He has more than 20 years of practical experience, a huge track record in project management. Kevin manages all aspects of investment, including strategic management of companies working in the investment and construction business.
Public profiles
Partner or co-worker
If you have strong knowledge in the areas of developing, marketing, SMM.
Please send your CV to us!
For the developer position you will need skills in meteor.js (required), web3, smart contract ERC20.
For the marketing position you will need to have skills in digital marketing, viral marketing, nurturing and auto funnels, etc.
For the SMM position you will need to have good writing skills in English (required), at least bilingual (required).
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Advantages for the seller

  1. Guarantee of receiving money for the fulfillment of all conditions of the object delivery
  2. Global rating. If you rent a room, order software and send a shipment of transboundary goods, you will get a general rating for all services and a private rating for each sector.
  3. Integration into your own business on the basis of open protocol ESC9.
  4. No need for call centers, a support team to resolve disputes over transactions.
  5. Receive money from the deposit before the completion of the transaction with good ratings.
  6. A small commission for escrow services.

Benefits for the buyer

  1. No worry about the object, if it is not of described quality or any of the conditions are violated you will be refunded in full.
  2. Confirm the transaction for sending the deposit only after checking the description of the object.
  3. A multi-level fraud tracking system will not allow you to work with an unreliable seller.
  4. If you forget to confirm the transaction to send a deposit, it will be executed automatically at the agreed time. Alternatively, you can extend the execution time after agreement with the seller.


Which cryptocurrencies do you accept?
What is the minimum investment?
What are the bonuses for investors?
Will there be an additional issue of tokens?
How do I know my tokens are secure?
How do I register an account?
What is the expected ROI?
Is ESCB ERC20 compliant?
Where can I find the Smart Contract code?
Can I invest if I am not from EU/UK?
Can I buy tokens in fractions? (i.e 31.05 ESCB)
How can I use the ESCB tokens after the IITO?
Why should I verify?
What will EscrowBlock Foundation do with the information?
What if I do not verify?
Will my data be protected?

Manifest "Fair IITO"

  1. All calculations of tokens, dividends and other financial mechanisms during the IITO are conducted exclusively in the ETH.
  2. The initial price is set at the rate of 1000 USD = 1 ETH and 1 ESCB = 0.1 USD, therefore 1 ETH is equal to 10 000 ESCB at all stages.
  3. Issue of tokens can be made only at the address of sale 0x65717fb50ee8f93827f9eeca761e108e502b255f .
  4. The mechanism for ex-works and refunds, when the minimum amount is not reached, is included in the Smart Contract and limits the withdrawal of funds from the sale purse until the minimum amount of 40 ETH is reached in one year.
  5. After each phase, the ESCB command can request the release of tokens for its part (30%), the tokens thus issued are frozen for a year, then they are thawed for half a year in equal portions (Cliff / Vested mechanic), with such tokens used to receive dividends on equal terms with all conditions.
  6. The release events of tokens can be of two types - by sending ETH directly to the purse address or issuing by the ESCB command when receiving payments using plastic cards or bank transfers.
  7. All release events for tokens are visible at the sales address Sales address .
  8. At the event of issuing tokens when paying by plastic cards or by bank transfer to the Smart Contract, generates an event with an identifier in the third-party system so that auditors can verify the honesty of issuing each token.
  9. If the minimum amount is not collected in one year, then the ESCB team transfers the Smart contract to the refund status. Each IITO participant can withdraw the funds sent regardless of time by executing the smart contract method.
  10. When we will migrate to our own blockroom, the exchange of tokens will be made one to one, regardless of the price.